Hi, my name’s Paul Bryant-Ott, thanks for taking some time to look around and welcome to one of the BEST activities you’ve ever (or maybe never) heard of.

Are you looking for a FUN and DIFFERENT way to get out and socialize with friends?

Are you ready to make some new friends and even interact with some old friends in the community?

Are you tired of having the same old date night routines and ready for something NEW?

How about joining me for a very modern, upbeat, yet also very different night out with the community at a Social Square Dance? Square dancing today is definitely NOT your parents (or grandparents) square dance!

Bring your friends and family and have an awesome, engaging and entertaining evening with us all while meeting others and trying something different (and I won’t even mention the mental or physical exercise perks).

Participants don’t require ANY dance experience to enjoy a FUN evening like this!

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