To be honest, I was dragged into the activity by my parents who were square dancers. In 1982 my family and I were on a square dance camping weekend in Tillsonburg, Ont. and a much younger and entertaining square dance caller/instructor by the name of Tim Crawford caught my attention. My opinion of square dancing immediately changed and my parents realizing this got me to take some lessons the following fall (but there was no way I was going to let my friends in high school know).

In 1984, intrigued, I approached my caller/instructor and inquired about learning to be up on the microphone and doing what he was doing. Doug Rieck took me under his wing and managed to get me started calling/instructing square dances by the time I graduated high school and started college in 1986. Within a few years I became well known locally by working with many square dance groups and I also met my future wife, Rayna, at a Michigan state square dance convention (she was dragged there too by the way).

After graduating from college in December of 1993, I became a middle school teacher and eventually started a family. My “real” career and family began taking a lot of my time and I ended up taking a break from the square dance activity in 2005 to raise my family. Now that I am retiring after 30 years of educating children, and my two boys have grown and are moving out to start their own lives, I’m anxious to get back to the activity that gave so much to me growing up.

Currently, Rayna and I reside in Grand Blanc, MI about 60 miles north of Detroit. I’m looking forward to my next adventure and excited to see where it takes us!